I think the normal way to do this in Cargo would be not to have the inverse property stored in a page's data, but rather to query the inverse wherever required. So, for example, an Idaho page would define part_of as USA, and then on the USA page you could have a template that displays all the composed_of pages: {{#cargo query: tables = places | where = part_of HOLDS 'USA' }}. This way, there's no double-entry of values and so nothing to get out of sync.

On 31/8/21 6:42 am, David Epstein wrote:
If a class has a composed_of property and a part_of property, can I define these somewhere as inverse relationships? I'd like to set Idaho as part_of the USA and then (automatically) see that assignment in USA's composed_of list?

Moreover, is it possible to specify that the properties have a more specific domain, not just any page but only pages from the category "Place"?

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