On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 3:18 AM, Yuvi Panda <yuvipanda@gmail.com> wrote:
https://github.com/OSAS/strapping-mediawiki looks pretty awesome! (Example at http://www.ovirt.org/Home). This also makes bootstrap's classes / layouting helpers available to content inside the wiki itself, which is pretty cool.

Perhpas we could build an experimental Mediawiki site for some sort of crowdsourcing project, and make it look amazingly great? (With Bootstrap)

sure i can give a spin for fossacademy.org , after trying different technologies for the site i think now  i am clear about my requirements

1) always open
2) peer learning
3) video content
4) people should be able to discuss on a topic as in comments
5) low maintenance spams , the framework etc
6) initiutive to add content 
7) security

more we can talk in IRC ...