Namespaces are localised in translatewiki.net ... there are for instance quite a number of names for namespaces which are "genderised" waiting for implementation.

On 1 April 2011 01:29, Neil Kandalgaonkar <neilk@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Is there any way to involve TranslateWiki in translated MediaWiki:
namespace strings?

Sometimes things are translated via subpages, e.g. MediaWiki:Foo/fr,
MediaWiki:Foo/de, etc. That works okay for static texts, but it's hard
to know when or if we're missing a translation.

It gets worse on Commons where licenses are defined by
MediaWiki:Licenses. Ignoring the "language hacks" that were done like
"enownwork", this is really a data structure that has to be
internationalized, and sometimes the different translations of the data
structure get out of sync....

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