Just a quick follow up on this. ULS has been enabled on CommonsBeta
(thanks to Nemo I think!) ;

Noo it's just the ULS deployment plan by the WMF Language engineering team (we'll hear about it very soon).

Oh, I see. Thanks to them then − though I am indeed eager to hear more about it...
but apart fromThere has not been much
activity on the RFC, unfortunately.

I am unsure what needs to be done by whom and when. Should we already
try to seek large Commons community consensus? Should the i18n folks
comment on the deployment plan before?

The RfC s not even linked from <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Requests_for_comment>

It is from <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Centralized_discussion> and was mentionned on the Village Pump.
I thought it wasn't officially open?

Well, it is not in the sense I was not looking yet for the shower of Support/Oppose. I thought we needed to have it fleshed out a bit using the input of the i18n folks − but this was just how I saw the all thing, I am probably mistaken.

It should just be advertised a little, with watchlist notices if needed.

I was actually planning a SiteNotice ^____^