I wouldn't do it per language, even though there are languages that hardly ever need gender, such as Hungarian ;)

Perhaps it could be done per message - to have a function somewhere in jqueryMsg that quickly checks whether the parsed message would actually be different for different genders, and if it would be the same then not to do the API call. I guess that a simple regex that checks whether a message has a GENDER clause with more than one parameter is enough, but I might be wrong.

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2014-04-20 7:28 GMT+03:00 Gergo Tisza <gtisza@wikimedia.org>:
On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 9:24 PM, Roan Kattouw <roan.kattouw@gmail.com> wrote:
Do you need the gender of the current user, or of another user?

If you need the gender of the current user, all you need to do is
depend on mediawiki.user and mediawiki.jqueryMsg, then just pass
mw.user (the user object) as the parameter to {{GENDER:$1|...}}. If
you need the gender of a different user, I'm not sure that's even

I need the gender of a different user (the one who uploaded a given image - not even necessarily a user on the same wiki). It is available via the users API, [1] what I need to know is whether it is necessary.

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