Language name for Czech is also incorrect. Česky is not the name. It should be čeština.

Soslan Khubulov
2012/3/31 Niklas Laxstrom <>
The next i18n deployment is on Monday 2012-04-02 17-18 UTC.

* Enable WebFonts in -
* Possibly enable Narayam at

Many language names were changed:,3805 - Fix language names in Names.php
* ab - suggested at village pump.
* bug - improved the name.
* ike-latn - capitalized the Latin name.
* inh - only the Cyrillic name is needed.
* ks - consistent slash usage.
* pi - fixed the native name according to the Wikipedia article and dictionaries
* tg-latn - capitalized the Latin name.
* tly - capitalized the Cyrillic name.
* ug-latn - removed unneeded LRM.
* uz - fixed the apostrophe.
* vep - fixed the apostrophe.

We also have group of character additions and fixes to WikiEditor's
character insertion tool in the queue. They will be scheduled for
deployment when they have been reviewed.
*,3681 - [WikiEditor] Fixes for
Arabic: Added ZWNJ and ZWJ according to request at bug 30611. Split
special characters from digits.
*,3684 - [WikiEditor] Grouped
Hebrew characters and added comments. Added required punctuation
*,3901 - [WikiEditor] RTL fix
for special characters insertion links.
*,3902 - [WikiEditor] Moved
character 25cc (dotted circle) before the diacritic.
*,3907 - [WikiEditor] Adding
pretty quotation marks for Hebrew.


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