secWithin flow we display a number of humanized timestamps, such as '5 minutes ago'  These are provided by MWTimestamp::getHumanTimestamp() in php and moment.js in javascript.  We are adjusting this feature to have a few more messages, in english these would be:

* 5 minutes ago
* Edited 5 minutes ago
* Edited by ErikB 5 minutes ago

We would like to represent the last two with i18n messages like:

* Edited $1
* Edited by $1 $2

This is the exact same use case and solution that is already used in MobileFrontend:

The alternative is to define a message for every possible timeframe from a moment ago
up to N years ago(which is also much less robust than the builtin ago methods):

* Edited a moment ago
* Edited $1 {{PLURAL:$1|second|seconds}} ago
* Edited $1 {{PLURAL:$1|minute|minutes}} ago

I'm writing to double check that this is reasonable and allowed by the i18n team.

Erik B.