As I've googled around a bit on the subject of a Rich Editor for MediaWiki, I can see that there has been some discussion on this subject already. Just let me quickly fill you in on my approach:

I work as a Linux sys admin and have been administrating a fairly large MediaWiki server on the company Intranet for a while now. Recently there has been *a lot* of internal discussion abut the availability of a Rich Editor as the WYSIWYG extension became incompatible after upgrading from MediaWiki 1.17.x to 1.19.x. Also, despite my adamant suggestions WikiEditor gets little or no internal approval. By the way; no need to dive into a discussion about why we upgraded despite knowing that the WYSIWYG extension would not work.

I'm now trying to get internal support for putting up money to pay a skillful programmer to finish whatever needs to be done to get a Rich Editor out into a stable state for a given MediaWiki release. So here are my questions to you:

* What is the state of Rich Editor extensions for MediaWiki - is Visual Editor the main contender or are there other more suitable choices?
* How far from a stable release is each respective Rich Editor?
* What needs to be done to get it / them into a stable state? How many hours would a programmer with relevant skills need to get it / them there?
* What are the relevant skills a programmer would need?
* Any recommendation for programmers that could do the job in a relatively short time frame?

Hope I'm asking this in the right forum, if I'm not I'd appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Johan Ramm-Ericson