hi again,

Just wanted to say thanks.  Although through all my testing REMOTE_USER did not show up in "local" networks, I was able to use the LocalSettings approach as you suggested to achieve the configuration I was looking for.


On 10 September 2013 07:34, <vitalif@yourcmc.ru> wrote:
This might be the simplest, though I was hoping to avoid any
code-level hack since it may be more difficult to keep up to date with
MW releases. Though MW auth would be better than the htauth popup that
no one likes. I didn't realize this could be done in LocalSettings, I
thought it was cached, I will experiment with this Wednesday.

No, it isn't, and even if it was - you could create some small extension doing the same check during initialisation :)

It appears that if  Satisfy any is present, REMOTE_USER isn't passed on.

I've just tested such setup, and REMOTE_USER is passed in my case... (of course, only if access isn't allowed by host-based auth)

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