Just to be clear, this would not affect installation procedure for tarball users. We would pre-load all necessary dependencies and ship them in one package.

The only end users this would affect are people using Git. (Then there’s also the question of whether we want to use third-party libraries in MediaWiki, but that’s another issue entirely.)
Tyler Romeo

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Date: June 12, 2014 at 8:15:33
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Subject:  Re: [Mediawiki-enterprise] WG: How to make MediaWiki easier to install: use cases

> this is a discussion happening on wikitech-l at the moment. I think this is also of interest to all the mediawiki users out there ;) Please share your thoughts!

I manage two installations of Mediawiki currently. One of which is on a shared hosting for which I don't have shell access, and the other is on a physical server that I have root access to.

I do plan on switching the shared hosting to a VPS at some point though. Regardless of the route taken, I think that support for the tarball should remain. This is the way that a lot of folks know how to set up web-based software.

And if you guys go the apt-get package route, please make sure that the packages are actually well put together. I've seen some really awful packages for web-based software before, stuff where you were better off just getting the tarball and doing it yourself. I have every bit of faith that the folks in charge of making the packages will do a good job, I just mention it because it has been a problem in the past for me with other software.

Thank you,
Derric Atzrott

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