Hi David! What do you exactly mean by "local" and "remote" users? Where do either of them really have accounts?

david mason <vid_wikimedia_enterprise@zooid.org> пишет:

Hi all,

I've been hacking at this for a while and hoping someone has solved it.

I am trying to set up MediaWiki with LDAP so users from a remote network must log in, but it's optional on the local network. I don't want users to have to log in twice, so I set up Extension:AutomaticREMOTE_USER (htauth) which works well for remote users, but I can't determine a good way to permit login for local users in the same instance.

I've tried a variety of hacks, including setting a directory where the local user must log in then directing them back, but Apache won't pass REMOTE_USER in the MW directory for a local user, and other hacks are all ugly in one way or another. Does anyone have any ideas? 



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