== Changes ==
* list=watchlist now returns user id in properly named tag in addition to "user". In the case of wlprop=user|userid, the "user" will be the name, not the id as before.(patch by Petr Onderka)
* meta=allmessages&lang= will now return "aminvalidlang" error in case "lang" contains invalid characters (patch by Anomie)

== New functionality ==
* There is now a new, simplified way to iterate through the query results. The new feature will make it much less likely to accidentally skip any data, and will greatly simplify client code. It will be made default in API 2.0, but for now has to be explicitly enabled with a "continue=" parameter. See sample code how to use the new continue. Please consider using it in all new development. (patch by yurik)

== See also ==

== Important reminder to API users ==
Please ensure you set the user agent string to contain both the name of your tool, the framework it uses, and a way to contact you. See User-Agent policy. API users that do not follow this policy may be banned at any moment.
Example: MyCoolTool/1.1 (http://example.com/MyCoolTool/MyCoolTool@example.com) BasedOnSuperLib/1.4