i upload the files to the mediawiki using the API. i use the code bellow:
use strict;
use MediaWiki::API;
use DateTime::Format::ISO8601;
#use encoding 'utf8';
binmode STDERR, ":utf8";
use URI::Escape;
use warnings;
use MediaWiki::API;

 my $url="http://localhost/mediawiki";
 my $wiki_login="nguyenki";
 my $wiki_passwd="linh";
 my $wiki_domain="";
 my $mediawiki;
 # configure the special upload location.
 $mediawiki->{config}->{upload_url} = "$url/index.php/Special:Upload";
 my @extensionFiles = ("png","gif","jpg","jpeg","doc","xls","mpp","pdf","ppt","tiff","bmp","docx", "xlsx", "pptx","ps","odt","ods","odp","odg","txt");
 my %hashFiles = map { $_ => 1} @extensionFiles;
 #Test with a file .png
 my $name="somefile.png";
 if(exists($hashFiles{substr($name,-3)}) || exists($hashFiles{substr($name,-4)}))

 # upload a file to MediaWiki
 open (my $toi, $name) or die "can't open UTF-8 encoded filename: $!";
 binmode $toi;
 my ($buffer, $data);
 while (my $n=read($toi, $buffer, 65536) )  {
 $data .= $buffer;
 print STDERR "$n bytes read\n";

  $mediawiki->upload( { title => $name,
                summary => 'This is the summary to go on the Image:file.jpg page',
               data => $data } ) || die $mediawiki->{error}->{code} . ': ' . $mediawiki->{error}->{details};



sub mw_connect_maybe {
    if ($mediawiki) {
    $mediawiki = MediaWiki::API->new;
    $mediawiki->{config}->{api_url} = "$url/api.php";
    if ($wiki_login) {
        if (!$mediawiki->login({
            lgname => $wiki_login,
            lgpassword => $wiki_passwd,
            lgdomain => $wiki_domain,
        })) {
            print STDERR "Failed to log in mediawiki user \"$wiki_login\" on $url\n";
            print STDERR "(error " .
                $mediawiki->{error}->{code} . ': ' .
                $mediawiki->{error}->{details} . ")\n";
            exit 1;
        } else {
            print STDERR "Logged in with user \"$wiki_login\".\n";

To test the type of file supported, i have to use this variable:
 my @extensionFiles = ("png","gif","jpg","jpeg","doc","xls","mpp","pdf","ppt","tiff","bmp","docx", "xlsx", "pptx","ps","odt","ods","odp","odg","txt");

if the file name  $name is not in the array, I'll generate a message error. : print "FILE TYPE NOT SUPPORTED\n";
My question is if the user change the type of file supported in the LocalSettings.php , this programme is not true any more.
How can i get the array $wgFileExtensions from the LocalSettings.php?