Dear All,

I hope to have found the right channel for answering our questions on using properly Wikipedia contents.

Me and  my team are crafting a mobile and web application to browse wikipedia content in a different fashion.

We are also taking care for caching content on our servers in order to avoid to "stress" wikipedia servers as much as possible.

Still, we have to make an important decision.
We want to do the following:
1. to "style" wikipedia pages so that we can apply a different look&feel.
2. to obtain images from wikipedia, and resize them to fit our layout

About 1., I'd like to know which is the best practice of doing it.
Should we interace with the API of wiki?
or include css within the mobile clients and override the page content?
Is there any day limit in querying the API? 
Or any benchmark to refer to?

About 2., The only possible way is probably using the API.
Again, Is there any day limit in querying the API? 
Is there any way to query in one time a stack of images, so that to reduce the number of requests to wiki servers?

Finally, is there any case study to follow as benchmark?

Thank you so much for helping us!