Dear Soumya!

I'm going to try to explain my question, when I said "content" I wanted to say the column "page_content_model" of the table "page" in the database. This column is like a real text on the page. (wikitext format)

For example, if I have a page named "Main page" and in the body is written "This is my page" I want to get this sentence.

We want to make a wiki with code about an app that the company is developing and the idea is to make a plug-in which the developer can choose different options and a fiel with code will be created (with the wiki's information).

I thinked an option is read the page literally, that is, to take the html code and clean the tags, but I don't know if there is another posibility more elegant.

I hope that is clear.


2017-05-09 8:46 GMT+02:00 Soumya Sarkar <>:
Dear all

I have one confusion and would be extremely grateful if some clarification is offered.

This is a api request I prepared using mediawiki sandbox tool to get 30 sequential edits for the page Sachin Tendulkar. If you run the query in your browser you will see a diff field for each edit
which probably is the difference between past and current edit. Here revision content field is false

This is the same request with content filed true

Now What I see is that for all 30 revision content field is more or less same and right now I am not able to understand what is the reason for the content field. If you know anything regarding this please let me know , I am also trying to understand this field.


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