Well you can just use Title::moveTo() directly.

On Apr 28, 2014 1:13 AM, "Justin Maldonado" <info@keyappraising.com> wrote:

Yeah, that was just a typo copying the code over.  It is actually just the one $token variable.  Same with the double quotes.   I’ve tried no quotes as well though, along with single quotes, smiley faces, hearts, etc.


I was also going to do some more urlencoding, but just wanted to get the basic page move working first.


Thanks though, I appreciate you taking a look.  I have no doubt it could be something as simple as that.


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I don't have enough time right now to have a deeper look at your code, but:

$token = $token = $wgUser->editToken();

Although this isn't an error, it's still unnecessary.

Next, are you really using these quotes: ” instead of ". I think this happened when you copied the code because it'll result in an syntax error. Additionally, you shouldn't put pure variables into quotes, there's no reason why I would do so.

You should urlencode all parameters, not just the token.

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