Thank you very much for your answer.

I have triggered the maintenace/refreshLinks.php and it is still running.

For the extensions/PageImages/initImageData.php
I got the following error:

The last attempted database query was:
"DELETE FROM `geo_tags` WHERE gt_page_id = '12'"
from within function "GeoDataHooks::doDumbUpdate".
Database returned error "1146: Table 'wikimirror.geo_tags' doesn't exist (localhost)"

I have also noticed the the page_images table is not created unless I run the script manually.
It is not being populated at all now while the maintenace/refreshLinks.php is running also. Is this table a source for PageImages API?

2013/2/20 Max Semenik <>
PageImages stores thumbnail information on links update (roughly, when
a page is edited or one of templates used by it is updated).

To populate this information, use maintenace/refreshLinks.php or
extensions/PageImages/initImageData.php (does the same, but has
fine-grained options to restrict the number of pages restricted which
maters for larger wikis.

On 20.02.2013, 19:15 Ewa wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a question on the PageImages MediaWiki extension. I have
> installed it on my instanse of MediaWiki apache. It looks like it is
> working because with the following hit:
> api.php?action=query&prop=pageimages&format=xml&pithumbsize=500&pilimit=10&titles=Paris|Lille|Rennes
> I am seeing the following response:
> <api>
>     <query>
>     <pages>
>         <page pageid="50116" ns="0" title="Lille"/>
>         <page pageid="22989" ns="0" title="Paris"/>
>         <page pageid="46132" ns="0" title="Rennes"/>
>     </pages>
>     </query>
> </api>
> I am not able to see any images info in the response, was expecting to see something similar to:
> In mysql wikipedia DB I have populated image and imagelinks table using dumps from wikipedia.
> I am assuming that this extension uses data from page_images table
> which is empty on my instance. How to populate this data (where to get the dump from?).
> I would appreciate any answer.

Best regards,
  Max Semenik ([[User:MaxSem]])

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