Hello, All.

I have a request here:
I listen to the recent change list, and to the "page restore" action, I receive the log like this:

<rc type="log" ns="0" title="William Pierce, Jr." rcid="565524106" pageid="38932317" revid="0" old_revid="0" user="Secret" oldlen="0"newlen="0" timestamp="2013-03-27T04:02:12Z" comment="5 revisions restored: keep the original redirect" logid="48107996" logtype="delete"logaction="restore"/>

It's said that it restores 5 revisions but not tells me what are the 5 revisions.

But in the log of "revision restore/delete", we can get the list of the affected revisions.

Is it possible to do some changes of the API in order to support this feature.