Hello everyone,

I am Diwanshi Pandey, an OPW intern. I'd like to have your feedback on the course I have created on codecademy for mediawiki api with help of my mentor Yuri Astrakhan.

A little insight:
The course is about parsing and querying mediawiki api.
Initially we created one course which included 44 exercises but according to codecademy's guidelines their course are for beginners and should have maximum 30 exercises in one course.
So we did a split up into two courses:
One is Introduction to Wikipedia API and other is Wikipedia:Query API.

Also due to api security and restrictions we couldn't implement tutorial on "editing wiki pages through api call" from a non wiki site yet. We are waiting till we find a good and easy way to demo that.

Feedback may include:
* Are the exercises easy to understand for novice users/developers?
* Are changes needed in the look of exercises?
* Are there any exercises which need not to be implemented or in too depth?
* Any other thing?


Diwanshi Pandey