Question: is it possible to display the latest version of a wikipedia.org page in another mediawiki site simply by GET using the API:import? Or is there an easier way?

More info:

I am building my first wiki using Mediawiki 1.17 @ http://fa.irfanpedia.org I am total mediawiki newbie. 

The site will contain original research about Irfan, a form of Gnosticism, similar to sufism. 

As a convenience to users, I would like to display the latest content on Wikipedia about the subject. The exact pages have already been identified.

I've already read about xml export/import. But I need the latest version of the page and not have to constantly export from wikipedia manually.

So is it possible to create a URL for each target page so that on the fly pulls the content of a particular wikipedia.org page in the destination site? A 1:1 relationship. 

If so, is this mailing list the right place to ask for technical help? the process for obtaining a token - I can't figure it out. Or not sure if the xml produced by the action=import can be immediately displayed to user or it still has to go through another step before it is human-readable. 

Thank you in advance.