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Thanks for your response. To answer your first point, part of the extension I'm writing is actually a JavaScript D3-based force layout to graphically show wiki pages and links between them. So while in the JavaScript, I'm making MediaWiki API calls to get data about the pages.

It looks like action=query&list=exturlusage gets you information about a specific link you already know, e.g. if you're asking "what pages link to http://www.google.com". In my case, I am trying to capture all links into and out of a given wiki page, so I don't generally know what they are. I capture external links out from a wiki page with extlinks, internal links out from a wiki page with links, and interal links into a wiki page with backlinks, but external-links-to-internal-pages don't fit into any of these categories, so they end up being lost. Is there an API call to capture those kinds of links?

To use a concrete example, imagine I have wiki pages called Foo, Bar, and Baz on a wiki with url http://my-wiki.com/wiki. Suppose Foo contains the following links:

[http://www.google.com Google]
[http://my-wiki.com/wiki/Baz Baz]

Suppose Bar contains:


In this case, action=query&prop=extlinks would return the link to Google. action=query&prop=links would return the link to Bar. action=query&list=backlinks would return any pages pointing to Foo, in this case Bar again. But none of these cover the link from Foo to Baz, because it is an external link to an internal page. This is what we uncovered in testing on our wiki. So how would I write an API call that would capture the link to Baz, again not knowing that it's necessarily there?



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I am a relatively new MediaWiki extension developer,

If you're working on an extension and querying these links on the same wiki on which your extension is installed, you might be better served by using the appropriate PHP methods to fetch this data directly, rather than making a query back into the MediaWiki API.

I know we can use action=query&prop=extlinks to get external links from our wiki page to other (non-wiki) web pages, action=query&prop=links to get internal links from our wiki page out to other wiki pages, and action=query&prop=backlinks to get internal links from other wiki pages into our wiki page.

I expect it's just a typo, but for the benefit of anyone else reading that last should list=backlinks, not prop=backlinks.
However, in the case where a link is external but points to an internal wiki page, I can't find the proper API call. These links seem to be falling through the cracks somehow.

Those may be accessed, along with all other external links, by using action=query&list=exturlusage. You'd specify the appropriate values for euprotocol and euquery to limit the search to the particular link you're interested in.

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