Hi, we would like to place Wikipedia locations on an interactive map, with the Article associated with it. Hopefully this will create an Map centric display of Wikipedia historical locations (rather than a text/page centric one.). Don’t worry, full credit and links will be given.


So… Is there a reliable way, using the API to gather the Co-ords of locations (that have them)? Ideally, we would like to have a pair of queries that…


·         Returns = Articles of a category, that ALSO have a location Co-ord specified

·         Returns = The article, or some kind of data block with that Co-ord, based on the articles Title


I have watched the video tutorial, and dabbled with various Queries and Parses of pages. I can get a list of Articles that match a given Category, and I can compile a list of Categories. However, I am finding the geolocation data to be somewhat patchy. But that’s probably down to me not knowing the magic formula.


So, does anyone know how to address this issue? Any help most appreciated.




Chris Thomas