All of the documentation that you link to looks right to me, except for the auto-generated example at As you say, that example seems to imply that you'd call 'action=login' with a GET request and put everything in the URI; but in fact, that is not allowed.

> Also API:Main page - MediaWiki says that ”tokens is Deprecated. Get tokens for data-modifying actions”.

That statement is in the list of values of the 'action' parameter; so what it's saying is that 'action=tokens' is deprecated. It's not saying that 'action=query&meta=tokens' is deprecated; in fact, as explained at, 'action=tokens' is deprecated in favor of 'action=query&meta=tokens'.

I've never used Ansible, but your request seems to be a mixture of what calls "Request 1" and what it calls "Request 2". As explained at that page, you need to make two separate requests: "Request 1" is where you get a login token from 'action=query&meta=tokens', and "Request 2" is where you use that login token, plus the username and password, to actually log in.


On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 12:04 AM Henrik Rasmussen <> wrote:

My current version of mediawiki installation is 1.32.0. I am trying to use Ansible to interface update Mediawiki.


There seems to be some contradictions in the API documentation.


·         The Help:Creating a bot - Wikipedia says that lgname, lgpassword and lgtoken should be used in a POST,

·         while the MediaWiki API help says that user id and password should be a part of the URI: api.php?action=login&lgname=user&lgpassword=password.

·         Also API:Main page - MediaWiki says that ”tokens is Deprecated. Get tokens for data-modifying actions”.


From the ansible.builtin.uri – Interacts with webservices — Ansible Documentation, the way to POST, is to insert


    body_format: form-urlencoded
      name: your_username
      password: your_password
      enter: Sign in


which I think must be


- name: Logging in to wiki.server
url: https://wiki.server/wiki/api.php?action=query&meta=tokens&type=login&format=json
method: POST
force_basic_auth: yes
    body_format: form-urlencoded
      lgname: your_username
      lgpassword: your_password
      lgtoken: Sign in


but this gives me


"warnings": {
                "main": {
                    "*": "Unrecognized parameters: lgname, lgtoken, lgpassword."

What is the correct documentation?


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