I currently don't specify prop=details with my bots (a few use this feature), but on the API docs it's listed as default. Can you give us a sample of how the new one is going to look? Also does it only change for block and pagemove logs? or is it more than that.

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On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Brad Jorsch <bjorsch@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Due to bug 43221 and Gerrit change I1a3c7ac6, the format of the
"details" for some log events will be changing. In particular, any
event with details that were returned with a key resembling "4::foo"
will now be returned under a key of simply "foo".

This change will be deployed with 1.21wmf7, which is scheduled for
today on mediawiki.org, test.wikipedia.org, and wikidata; 7 January
for non-Wikipedia sites; 9 January for enwiki; and 14 January for the
other Wikipedias.

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