Hi Frances,

Thank you for this review! I recently had to look into building a python app which interacts with a MediaWiki instance. Your review and list of client libraries made it much easier to get started.


On 9 September 2014 19:26, Frances Hocutt <frances.hocutt@gmail.com> wrote:
My (belated) final report for my OPW project is up on my progress
reports page: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Evaluating_and_Improving_MediaWiki_web_API_client_libraries/Progress_Reports#Final_report
. Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn as much and contribute
as much as I have this summer, and special thanks to my mentors and
technical advisers. This has been a great experience, and I'm happy to
be leaving API:Client code in better shape than I found it!

I hope to stick around the MediaWiki development community as I move
on in my career as a software developer. I've applied for the January
batch of Hacker School. Until that starts, I'll be working on API
applications for Growstuff (http://growstuff.org): a gardening site
that collects crowdsourced data from local gardeners around the world
and freely licenses the resulting data. Wherever I end up after this,
I'm glad to have gotten my start on MediaWiki.


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