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Additionally, you mentioned descriptions and keywords. These would not be provided directly by the opensearch api so you might be thinking of using the generator version of it (action=query&generator=prefixsearch) to get the results augmented (ex: /w/api.php?action=query&format=json&prop=extracts&generator=prefixsearch&exlimit=5&exintro=1&explaintext=1&gpssearch=yah&gpslimit=5). I'm not personally sure how expensive that is, someone else would have to chime in.

Highly dependent on page size and cache hit ratio, with worst case not very pleasant:
* Cache hit at the extracts level - costs a memcached read
* Parser cache hit - process head HTML into extract
* Parser cache miss - parse lede wikitext into HTML, process HTML

Overall, we're talking somewhere 30 to 300 milliseconds (can't find query API module stats in Graphite, so can't tell more statistically).

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