Greetings! I am a relatively new MediaWiki extension developer, and I'm having trouble with getting the MediaWiki API to capture all links coming into and out of a given wiki page.

I know we can use action=query&prop=extlinks to get external links from our wiki page to other (non-wiki) web pages, action=query&prop=links to get internal links from our wiki page out to other wiki pages, and action=query&prop=backlinks to get internal links from other wiki pages into our wiki page. However, in the case where a link is external but points to an internal wiki page, I can't find the proper API call. These links seem to be falling through the cracks somehow.

I'm inclined to believe that I'm just missing something simple, especially because this MediaWiki help page includes "external links to internal pages" as a category of links:

Can anyone shed light on this issue? Is there an easy way to capture external links to internal wiki pages through an API call?


Jason Ji