Hi all,
    First, thank you for viewing my post. I'm working on product to get information from wiki and show them in office application. And when I am working with MediaWiki APIs, I found a problem. I use C# to build my application and I get the query result from MediaWiki by Json format. And my problem is that Some APIs will return a json object which cannot be deserialized to a C# object.  
    For example, when I try to get the image list of Seattle,(the request url is this) The result will be:
    Please check the red box in the picture above. As we know that JSON is a key/value based format and in the red box, this key is dynamically generated according to the page id. in this way, this json is unable to be deserialized to a C# object since I have to map a C# property to a const key/ID in code. I just wonder why MediaWiki do this? if MediaWiki APIs wants to support to show multipage in query result, probably it should use Array to show all page info?
Justin Zhang