As you might have noticed, there have recently been many changes to MediaWiki API. This is in part due to my push for API 2.0, which will include API versioning, streamlined JSON-only result format, localized warnings and errors, naming cleanup, and many other changes. On top of that, there has been various proposals for content-oriented RESTful API (as oppose to SQL-like query API). To learn more or to participate in the planning or implementation, see proposed changes or contact me directly.

There will be a conference in New York tomorrow, Feb 23rd, at NYU. I intend to do an introductory API presentation there, partially covering some of the proposed changes. Please stop by if you want to discuss API, or just to say hi.

Important reminder to API users: Please ensure you set the user agent string to contain both the name of your tool, the framework it uses, and a way to contact you. See User-Agent policy. API users that do not follow this policy may be banned at any moment.
Example: MyCoolTool/1.1 (; BasedOnSuperLib/1.4

Lastly, to minimize traffic on this list, I will try to batch announcements into one email, unless there is an immediate breaking change.

* prop=pageprops & ppprom=... now allows multiple values (anomie)
* Extensions: $wgAPIGeneratorModules is now obsolete, the list of generators is now dynamic (yurik)
* HTML-formatted results (format=*fm) will now wrap long lines (waldir)