Hi All!

First at all, I would like to thank you for your awesome work on the mediawiki code.

I'm currenlty working on the ApiEditPage.php of Mediawiki API.
Indeed, my aim is to create wiki pages directly from a mobile phone using mediawiki API (1.29) and the GeoData Extension (1.29).

Unfortunately, I found out that when inserting a geodata tag ({{#coordinates:xxx}}) in a page using ApiEditPage.php, the coordinates are not saved in the 'geo_tags' database as they should.

But they are saved correctly into db when I open the created page in a browser and save it manually.

So I tried to find basic solution like adding an equivalent "manual save command" but no luck for the moment.
I also tried to replace APIEditBeforeSave by EditFilterMergedContent within the Hooks::run command unsuccessfully.

Would you have any idea to perform a correct "manual save command" to force mediawiki to process the geotags written inside the page created by API?

Thanks in advance,