I have developped a tool in Java for editing wikipedia pages.
The source code is available on sourceforge (project wikicleaner)
Implementation is done in MediaWikiAPI class.


On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 11:41 AM, Berninger Leif-Ingo <leif-ingo.berninger@iwig-institut.de> wrote:

i want to login to my mediawiki site from an external java class.
I already have successfully sent the first request and received the token.
After that i have sent the second request with a generated cookie.
I received the success message as result. But im still not loged in.
I tryed to send the three cookies with username, id and token after the
success message as a third request,
but it didnt work.  I think there is something wrong with my third
request, could you please describe me how i have to
send these three cookies after receiving the success message.
(Oh and sorry for my bad english)

best regards Berninger Ingo

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