To fix bugs like T73020 and to generally improve the structure of the API output, the formatting of the log entry parameters returned from action=query list=logevents&leprop=details, list=recentchanges&rcprop=loginfo, and list=watchlist&wlprop=loginfo is changing. This change should be deployed to WMF wikis with 1.26wmf3, see for the schedule.

In all cases, the log parameters will now be located in a "params" sub-element to separate them from the information about the log entry itself. Further, where applicable the opportunity has been taken to change the parameters from being numerically indexed to being indexed by logical names and to restructure output for easier use by API clients. Numerically-indexed parameters on any remaining log types should be considered deprecated and will likely be changed to the named style in the future.

Besides the general changes described above, the following changes are made to specific types:
* Move logs refer to "target_ns" and "target_tile", rather than "new_ns" and "new_title" (old, new)
* Patrol logs have "curid" and "previd" rather than "cur" and "prev", and the "auto" flag is returned as a boolean rather than an integer (old, new)
* Rights logs now list "newgroups" and "oldgroups" as arrays, rather than "new" and "old" as comma-separated strings (old, new)
* Block logs list "flags" as an array rather than a comma-separated string (old, new)

Brad Jorsch (Anomie)
Software Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation