The example for Bash is here:

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Geoffrey De Belie

---- On do, 22 feb 2018 04:51:36 +0100 Ren Wang <renwang101@gmail.com> wrote ----

I have posted a similar message on the Wikimedia Developer Support, but
I still can't get my code running, here is my original post:

"I am writing a code to use the MediaWiki web service API to login to
the system. Based on the online API documentation, I used “action=query”
to get a login token and “action=clientlogin” to post the login request,
but I got “Invalid CSRF token” error. I am not sure what I missed, is
there a clientlogin sample code, either html or php or any format?"

My code is JavaScript running in the browser, let me know if anyone
wants to take a look of my testing code.



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