So Lydia,

Your saying that if I see as a property on another Property... then that is similar to the Freebase "disambiguating" flag ?

In Freebase, we have just one flag.... but that is not the case here, correct ?  Wikidata has (or might have) several such "disambiguating" flags via the property on Property ?

It would be nice, from an API and developer perspective, to not have to discover all those disambiguating properties....but have only a master disambiguating property to work with...a single "disambiguator" flag, just like Freebase has.... is this possible, where someone can go through an mark all of them as "disambiguating" ?

My hope is that the Wikidata query service could give me nicely formatted output for claims that only contain disambiguating property data.... just like the Freebase API example URL that I mentioned at the beginning of the thread.  So hopefuly you guys are saying that is possible via the property on a Property.