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On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 2:14 PM, Roan Kattouw <> wrote:
yishai goldstein schreef:
> Hi,
> Articles which are spoken (have a sound file reading the article) such
> as Barack Obama have a problem:
> <>
> returns an error "No support for special pages has been implemented".
> Thanks,
> Yishai
This bug was fixed a week ago, but the fix hasn't gone live on Wikipedia
yet (I'll poke Brion to put it live). The error is caused by the
presence of a [[Media:Foo.ogg]] link on the page (or any link to the
Special: or Media: namespace, really), which can't be fed to the
generator. Last week's fix doesn't change that, but changes the error to
a warning; you'll get the list of links along with a warning that the
Special: and Media: namespaces aren't supported, but the link to the
sound file won't be listed unless you do a simple (i.e. non-generator)
request. I intend to fix this properly in the future, but only once
registration of links to the Special: and Media: namespaces has been
made consistent.

Roan Kattouw (Catrope)

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