The API supports two methods for continuing action=query when more results are available, the simple method[1] and the raw method.[2] The raw method is currently the default for historical reasons, but as the simple method is much easier for new users to use *correctly* that really should be the default.

To make this transition easy for clients, the current plan is to make the change on the following timetable:
* Starting with 1.24wmf22,[3][4] action=query will recognize a "rawcontinue" boolean input parameter. Clients that wish to continue using the raw method for continuation should begin supplying this parameter with all action=query queries.
* Sometime during the MediaWiki 1.25 development cycle, the API will begin reporting warnings when neither "continue" nor "rawcontinue" are supplied with action=query.[5]
* Sometime during the MediaWiki 1.26 development cycle, simplified continuation will become the default.[6]

Note this is also documented at <>. See other sections on that page for additional planned API changes.