The ApiQueryDeletedrevs module has issues: since it's a list module rather than a prop module, it isn't handled correctly by the simplified continuation, it doesn't support input of specific revids, and so on.

Gerrit change 168646[1] deprecates list=deletedrevs in favor of two new modules:
* list=alldeletedrevisions will query the deleted revisions in a namespace and/or for a user.
* prop=deletedrevisions will work like prop=revisions, querying deleted revisions for a page, or specific revisions requested using action=query's revids parameter.

For the latter to work properly, the revids parameter will now recognize deleted revision IDs as valid if the querying user has the 'deletedhistory' user right; before this change deleted revision IDs were treated as non-existent.

These changes should be deployed to WMF wikis with 1.25wmf7, see for the schedule.

At some point in the future, limited information from the archive table may be made available to all users, as is already done on Tool Labs.[2] If that happens, recognition of deleted revision IDs as valid for the revids parameter will likely be extended to all users.


Brad Jorsch (Anomie)
Software Engineer
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