For the first point from Tim, Wikimedia CH will try the following experiment:

*Wikimedia CH staff promote OSM along with Wikimedia Projects, we are in contact with OSMF to have also promoting materials for this project, but the help and inputs of any volunteers coming from both community is more than welcomed.
*The « big french speaker » meeting this summer will included a guided tour of Lausanne, with a focus on OSM, adding POI and illustrating the respective articles on Wikipedia
*Next Wikimedia CH photo contest is most likely to use OSM as support to display the "articles to illustrate », the core target of the contest. Here too, we would really appreciate the help of other wikimedians to make this part of the  contest awesome, like having a tools allowing to draw an area in OSM and retrieving the list of Wikipedia articles without illustrations in this area (based on geolocalized articles).



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Le 11 mai 2014 à 01:57, Tim Alder <> a écrit :

I see two points, the first is non-technical: We should have little
bridges between both projects on each continent, in each country. These
bridges could be volunteers or employees of chapters (only part-time).
It would be nice if we could promote OSM together with WP where it is
necessary. It would be nice if would be able to give a minimum on tech.
support for the community. It would be also nice to make some local
events together and combine the results of different data collecting.
With the maps&geo-team we should also have an central point in WMF to
reduce internal friction.

The second point: The most interesting technical project I see in the
moment would be to set-up vector-tiles-rendering, it would allow us to
use multilingualmaps on a large style and would give us flexiblity to
design different maps without the database as a bottle neck. I know it
would be not easy to deploy the existing software from mapbox, but it
seems possible, with some help.

Greetings Tim

Am 10.05.2014 23:59, schrieb Quim Gil:
For your information, today at the Wikimedia Hackathon some of us had
the pleasure to walk, learn, and talk with Simon Poole, chairman of the
OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Long story short, we could talk more and collaborate better beyond the
priceless personal dedication of some volunteers with links in both

Let's have a chat! Online. In your opinion, which are the most important
technical topics that Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap should discuss?

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From: *Quim Gil* < <>>
Date: Saturday, May 10, 2014
Subject: We need to organize a Tech Talk
To: simon@osm

Please check with your community which are the 1-2 topics that they
would like to discuss with Wikimedia Foundation engineers and the
technical community in general.

Let's start with 1-2 only. If there are more, let's document all of them

See also -- OSM *must*
be in our radar.

Thank you for the conversation and the walk!

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation

Maps-l mailing list

Maps-l mailing list