The <translate> mechanism confuses everyone. Just ignore it, and change what you need  - those who understands it will help fix the problems.

On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 11:32 PM Guillaume Allegre <> wrote:
Le 2016-09-22, Yuri Astrakhan a écrit :
> 1) yep - just keep "ExternalData" elements at the top of the json, e.g.
>  <maplink>[ {"type":"ExternalData", ...}, {"type":"Feature", ...}, ... ]
> </maplink>
> 2) yep. There was a bug in the previous releases that has been fixed now
> (its on the deployment train, should be available everywhere today or
> tomorrow). You can have "properties" as the top level element of both
> "Feature" and "ExternalData" elements, with all the styling information.

Thanks Yuri, that's great, once again!

I think I could have find these informations reading more carefully the Help page.

> Also, Wikidata query can also return the same properties. In case you
> define properties on ExternalData and return it from the query, the
> properties will be combined, with the ones from Wikidata overriding those
> defined locally (per item).
> Any help with documenting this is welcomed :)

You talk about  ?
I would be happy to help with some enhancements for more newbie profiles,
but alas I don't understand which resource/url I can edit.
The <translate> mechanism  confuses me.

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