I'll also be there, looking forward to the bof's and corridor conversations. There's always a great deal of interest in OSM and history. 
There's also a hackday on the Monday - https://osmhack.eventbrite.co.uk/ which could be worth going to - the last one was quite productive for the OHM project I think.

I'm also doing a talk but it's not really relevant on psychogeography! I could do a lightning talk on our Gazetteer if there's space, however.



On 27 August 2013 12:02, Susanna Ånäs <susanna.anas@wikimedia.fi> wrote:
Hi Andy,

As I noticed Tim telling you, I am going to present Wikimaps. We are also planning a birds-of-a-feather event with the Open Historical Map people who will be there. Only some are though, because many are from the States. We might want to meet together with them or together and separately.

There are Wikimedia presentations. Do you know who gives them?
- 72: State of Wikidata 20 min
- 71: Data Coherence between OSM and Wikipedia 10 min

These are presentations by OHM:ers, many more, I suppose, not all presenters are marked
- 58: Seeing the Light: unexpected ways to use Open Data for OSM 20 mins Jerry Clough
- 19: Open Historical Map: re-using outdated information 20 min David Evans

I recognize at least one wikipedian in the participant list.

Suggestions? Looking forward to meeting you again!


2013/8/27 Andy Mabbett <andy@pigsonthewing.org.uk>
Hi folks - I'm new to the list. My en.Wikipedia user page has a potted

The OSM equivalent of Wikimania, State of the Map
<http://2013.stateofthemap.org>, is in Birmingham, England (my home
town), from 6-8 September, just under two weeks away (places are still
available!). I will be there, facilitating some of the sessions and
generally helping out. Are any of you coming? Should we have Wikipedia

Andy Mabbett

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