I'm looking forward to having a go with maplink and improving some articles, but can anyone tell me if there is a way to use this with KML data?

On Friday, September 9, 2016, Yuri Astrakhan <yastrakhan@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Forgot to mention - clicking on a state shows Governor's name, and a picture of their face...

On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 8:05 PM Yuri Astrakhan <yastrakhan@wikimedia.org> wrote:
And .... its on!   <maplink> is live everywhere.  Formal announcement is coming soon.

Here's a fun little sample - a Wikidata query, that shows all the US governors on a map.

On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 11:46 AM Guillaume Allegre <allegre.guillaume@free.fr> wrote:
Le 2016-09-05, Yuri Astrakhan a écrit :
> Guillaume, sorry, we ran into some new issues when we tried to deploy it.
> Will try again soon.

No need to worry, and no hurry. I was just asking, relating to your announce.

Thanks a lot for your whole work.

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