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I haven't had so much free time lately, but am comfortable with helping set up and configure PostgreSQL and PostGIS and get the OSM database import going.  Though, there are many more tasks to do that I have time to do.

Partitioning the servers in an optimal manner for us is something I'm not as comfortable with.  I could figure it out if necessary, but Saper is probably better capable of that.  One thing I do know is that the database logs should be on separate partition from the database itself, and both kept separate from the OS.

Here are a list of tasks:


On Cassini, work is needed on PostgreSQL configuration.




Another thing that might help is if we had documentation all in one place.  Some of it is on the toolserver wiki, some on meta, some on the mediawiki wiki, along with items in jira and bugzilla, and various supporting info on the OSM wiki

Is there one best place to consolidate the documentation and notes?


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