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On Friday, 18 October 2013 7:45 PM, Arun Ganesh <arun.planemad@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear community, 
User:Yug[1] from the Graphic Labs and I, User:Planemad[2] from the Indian community, have put together a comprehensive IEG proposal to improve all the base maps used on WIkimedia projects with updated cartographic conventions and accuracy based on research. 

The output will be a large set of editable vector maps, research documentation and a comprehensive map creation workflow that anyone can reuse.

The total grant request is for an amount of USD 10500, which will allow both of us to work on this project full time for a period of 3 months. The grant also includes a budget to hire external consultants where required to accomplish the stated goals.

You can view the proposal and provide your valuable feedback/endorsement here:

PS: This is the first step of the much larger Wikimaps project that aims to be the open source map engine that brings together Wikidata, Commons and Openstreetmap.

Arun Ganesh

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