Il 30/apr/2014 22:22 "Tim Alder" <> ha scritto:
> Hello together,
> I'm glad to can say that we have now an OSM-database which we can access
> from WMFLabs / Toollabs.
> To access the database use:
>  psql  -h labsdb1004.eqiad.wmnet gis -U osm
> This means host is labsdb1004.eqiad.wmnet, database is gis
> and user is osm.
> More infos about Toollabs are here:
> Shorter version:
> On Labs we have a maps-project with some instances:
> Inside this database you can find OSM database for mapnik rendering,
> WIWOSM data and Wikipedia coordinates from Wikipedia-World project.
> Javascript Libraries are also moved to:
> Kai is in the moment working to set-up the render stack.
> So it's a good time for all mapnik-style-designers from Toolserver, to
> start now updating styles. It would be nice if these styles are updated
> end of May.
> I'm optimistical that this can be a good restart of activities we had on
> Toolserver. With new developments like Wikidata, with the flexibility of
> labs (root-rights for everyone) and the simplicity of Tool-labs
> (administrated by professionals /multimaintainer projects by default) I
> see a bright future for maps and geo-data on this plattform.
> Everything is still at the beginning, documentation have to write and
> lot of things have to set-up. Any help is welcome.
> For question and comments use this list, which could also come back to
> old activity-level.

Thanks Tim.  It's great news. Did you notice the reference to OSM in the WMF's semi-definitive annual plan?[2]
The answer is by Erik.

> == New software engineers ==
> «Could you be more specific about what the 14 new Software Engineers will do?»
> «Yeah, to a point. Our work in eng/prod overall is very iterative, of
> course, and the below is subject to internal and external feedback,
> real world experience and the final budget mount. At a high level,
> we're not currently planning to build a whole new development team (at
> the scale of the Flow or VisualEditor team). Here are a few goals that
> have informed the plan:
> We're considering a small (roughly 2 person) effort focused on
> mapping-related infrastructure which is a shared need for lots of
> projects, esp. mobile. This would be similar to our current search
> infrastructure effort (also a 2 person effort), delivering the basics
> (e.g. robust, scalable OpenStreetMap tiling service) but not yet a
> huge amount of new functionality, rather, enabling other teams to then
> leverage this in building features/products (e.g. a map-based "nearby"
> view for mobile). Underlying hypothesis here is that with the shift to
> mobile overall, we'll want to leverage geo-related functionality more
> consistently across the board as part of new contributory funnels. We
> also know it's high on the community's wishlist.
> [...]»