English Wikipedians can now use the mapframe function to embed maps right on a page. (Here’s an example, showing the location of this year’s Wikimania conference. [1]). Mapframe was requested by the English community via RfC last year [2] and the request was reconfirmed this spring [3].   If you you’re new to mapframe, this Kartographer help page [4] shows how to use it.

Expect more significant new features in the coming weeks, with the implementation of  the long-awaited map internationalization features [5]. After internationalization, maps will display in the content language of the wiki they’re published on. Until then, they will continue to display in the language of the territory mapped.  (You can experiment with internationalized maps on testwiki now—here’s a page of examples. [6])

These features are brought to you as part of the Map Improvements 2018 project [7]. Please try mapframe out on English Wikipedia and let us know what you think on the project talk page [8]. We’re listening.

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