The call for participation for Wikimania 2009 closes on April 15.  I think we should submit a panel or more on mapping topics, including the OSM project but also on the topic of coordinates, DBpedia, etc.  We should also do a workshop on OSM, as a preconference workshop (how to contribute data to OSM, etc.)  There probably is space to do a short workshop during the conference.

I would like Ævar also to be there to present (maybe on more technical, back-end aspects?) and help with workshops.  And, I would like to also present on some aspect of the OSM project (maybe on front-end aspects or from user point-of-view, or on future developments) and there is room for more presenters and help with workshops.

Please let me know if you are interested in presenting something, and I can help coordinate and give guidance on submitting.  There is a possibility of scholarships for presenters, though I'm not involved with scholarships so can't make promises.