Hi guys,

I just send this to the analytics list. I'm struggling to find base maps like https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Usa_counties_large.svg for other countries (for example the Netherlands). Does anyone happen to know if someone/a project is already keeping track of these? I would hate to have a duplicate effort.


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Onderwerp: Visualization of statistics
Datum: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 14:24:33 +0200
Van: Maarten Dammers <maarten@mdammers.nl>
Aan: Analytics <analytics@lists.wikimedia.org>

Hi everyone,

Catching up with old notes. I really like the maps at 
. It would be very nice to have an easy, standard and automated way to 
Visualize statistics on a map.

We currently gather a lot of data for different project and we usually 
share these as tables (example at 
It would be much nicer to also have these statistics as a colored in 
map. For this we need:
* Base maps
* Statistics
* Color schemes to choose from
* A bot to produce the maps

Base maps are SVG maps that are used as input of the process. The maps 
should contain CSS classes for the geographical entities which are in 
the statistics. These maps should be available for different levels, for 
* World with continents map
* World with countries map
* Continent with countries maps
* Country with states/provinces/municipalities
At the moment most of these maps don't exist or are very hard to find on 
Commons. We should probably have one or more galleries to keep track of 
these base maps. We should have maps for every country with it's  ISO 
3166-2 divisions.

The statistics should be key value pairs of the location and the 
percentage for the location. The keys should correspond with the CSS 
classes or some logic needs to be available to do the mapping. A 
standard system for this is ISO 3166-2. An example of a good source of 
statistics is the 

You need to have a color scheme how to represent the different 
percentages. Beware of accessibility.

A bot should grab the base map, statistics and the color scheme and 
combine it into a new SVG image. This image should be uploaded to 
Commons on a regular basis. It would be nice to have this as a 
Pywikipedia module so it's easy to have multiple people run these kind 
of bots.

Did I miss anything? Is anyone already working on such a thing?


Ps. I also put this on