Thanks Nick!

Op do 16 nov 2023 om 19:17 schreef Nick Wilson (Quiddity) <>:
On Thu, Nov 16, 2023 at 1:11 AM Ciell Wikipedia <> wrote:
In the old system we could use regex strings to avoid the most obvious spam: am I reading it correctly we should now enter these strings under the 'banned addresses' tab? Do we have a quick-guide on how to compose these strings? (I think my lists lost these settings in the upgrade, and my regex knowledge is insufficient to write them myself.)

I believe that is correct, and the details in this section should be uptodate:
(I.e. They were added after the Mailman3 migration, and edited by multiple people, so hopefully any errors have already been corrected!)
However, they could perhaps be improved with more examples?
(If anyone has questions about specific examples, perhaps ask on the talkpage there?)

Op do 16 nov 2023 om 03:23 schreef Platonides <>:
PS: I see some outdated pieces on that are no longer applicable on mailman 3

Please boldly edit the page to remove/update anything inaccurate, or raise concerns on the talkpage!
+1 to your other comments.

I hope that helps,
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