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I came to my attention that this user is subscribed to many mailing lists and it seems just dumping random text in every mailing list and seems irrelevant to the thread or topic raised.

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Butch Bustria
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From: Sandeep Manikpuri <>
Date: Sun, Sep 10, 2023, 12:44 PM
Subject: Talk to solve
To: <>

I need a responsive, committed and paitent user or co worker to help,answer and guide me when I will need as essential as breathing is for living. I am a blocked ( everywhere ) user who don't know who is with me for assisting. A nice and friendly user QuicoleJR is my need if you ask me and I don't know other users or don't want know some harassment spealist user. QuicoleJR is perhaps unable to receive my messages or reply due to universal block status of mine but was helpful whenever I needed. I request you to provide me access to QuicoleJR user and I will ask and learn then work as well if allowed with no other users help. I have many things to teach QuicoleJR user while I'm on learning if survive here. I need that user only for the company and will not trust in other deletestars or deletadmins or any Deletopidea user and personal. I hope this message will be read and can be taken to  concern of answering in rejected or accepted both aspect of my universal block identity and my achievements of universal records of trying and falling frequency of attempts in Wikipedia. 

Thank you if you got this message. 
If not  ! then you are a lier.