Have you tried with header filters at <https://lists.wikimedia.org/postorius/lists/wikipedia-en-editfilters.lists.wikimedia.org/header-matches/>?

E.g. you may create a filter for the X-Spam-Score header added by SpamAssasin, and set a value such as [^+]*[+]{4,} so all emails with a x-spam-score value equal or more than 4 get rejected/discarded (at the admins' wish).

I don't quite remember right now, but I think mailman3 header filters do apply to subscribers as well, even if their moderation policy is set to "accept immediately", as apparently these rules seem to apply on top of every other rule/setting and one must be careful, but a SpamAssasin value of 4 or more should be pretty safe/accurate though.

What I miss in mailman3 (and existed in mailman2 IIRC) is the possibility to hold for moderation messages from new subscribers only (getting automatically removed from the moderation queue after X days and/or Y accepted posts), instead of the current all-or-none approach (I've been looking for that option but it seems not to exist anymore).

Best regards, M.

El lun, 24 abr 2023 a las 19:49, MusikAnimal (<musikanimal@gmail.com>) escribió:
Hello! I am an admin of the https://lists.wikimedia.org/postorius/lists/wikipedia-en-editfilters.lists.wikimedia.org/ mailing list. Starting some months ago, we get spam more or less on a daily basis. We have all messages automatically held for approval, so our readers aren't seeing the spam, rather myself and the other admin are burdened with logging in and rejecting the emails every day.

Is there any advice on how to prevent this from happening? I am aware some lists have moved to Google Groups. Would that help, you think? If so, how might I go about migrating my mailing list to it? We have long banned the email addresses, but it seems rarely we get spam from the same email twice, so this tactic has not been very effective.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

~ MusikAnimal
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